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AC Drive, DC Drive, VFD motor type
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WJ200-002LF, AC Drives, Sensorless Vector VFD, AC Motor, HITACHI - Japan, Input: 200 - 240VAC, Output(Amps): 1.6, Horsepower: 0.25

230VAC, Three Phase, 1.6A
1/4 HP, 230VAC, Three Phase
0.2kW, 0.6kVA, 1.6A
Price: $146.00
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3Product NameWJ200-002LF
5SubCategoryAC Drives
6SubSubCategorySensorless Vector VFD
13ManufacturerHITACHI - Japan
29Motor/Load TypeAC Motor
36Output Current(Amps)1.6
38Input Voltage200 - 240VAC
40Frequency(Hz)50/60 ?5%
42Voltage(V)200 - 240VAC
44Frequency(Hz)0.1 - 400 Hz
57Control MethodLine-to-line sine wave Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Control
58Frequency Range0.1 - 400 Hz
60Digital Command0.1% of the max. frequency
61Analog Command0.2% of the max. frequency
63Digital0.01 Hz
64AnalogMax. frequency/1000
65Volt#/Freq# CharacteristicsV/F variable V/F control (constant torque,reduced torque) Sensorless vector control
66Overload Current Rating150%, 60 Seconds
67Acceleration/Deceleration Time0.1 - 3000 sec. (linear/curve, accel./decel.),wo stage accel./decel. setting available
68Starting Torque200% or more
70Dynamic BrakingDynamic Braking (without external resister) -pprox. 100% - up to 1 HP Dynamic Braking (with external resister) -pprox. 150% The braking torque at capacitive feedback is the average deceleration torque at the shortest deceleration (stoppage from 50 Hz) of the motor itself. It is not the continuous regenerative braking torque. And the average deceleration torque varies with motor loss. This value decreases when operating beyond 50/60 Hz. If a large regeneration torque is required, the optional braking resistor should be used.
71DC BrakingOperating frequency, time and braking force variable.
74Digital Operator PanelUp(1) and Down(2) keys/value setting keys.
75PotentiometerAnalog Setting
76External Signal0 ~ 10 VDC (input impedence 10k ohms), ~ 20 mA (input impedence 250k ohms) Potentiometer: 1k to 2k ohms, variable resistor The frequency command is the maximum frequency at 9.8V for input voltage 0 - 10 VDC, or at 19.6 mA for input current 4 ~ 20 mA. If this characteristic is not convenient,ontact Drives Warehouse.
79Digital Operator PanelRun/Stop (Forward/Reverse run change by command)
80External SignalForward RUN/STOP, Reverse RUN/STOP
82Intelligent Input TerminalsFW (Forward run command), RV (reverse run command, CF1~CF4 (multi-stage speed setting), JG (jogging command), 2CH (2-stage acceleration/deceleration command), FRS (free run stop command), EXT (external trip), USP (USP function), SFT (soft lock), AT (analog current input select signal), RS (reset), PTC (thermal protection), DB (external DC braking command, SET (2nd setting selection), UP (remote control, acceleration), DWN (remote control, deceleration)
85Intelligent Output TerminalRUN (running signal), FA1,2 (frequency arrival signal), OL (overload advance notice signal),D (deviation signal at PID control), AL (alarm signal)
86Frequency MonitorPWM output: Select analog output frequency monitor,nalog output current monitor or digital output frequency monitor
88Other FunctionsAVR function, curved acceleration/deceleration, upper/lower limiter, 16-stage speed, fine adjustment of start frequency, carrier frequency change (0.5 to 10 Kz) frequency jump, gain and bias setting, process incing, electronic thermal level adjustment, retry function history monitor, 2nd setting selection, auto tuning, Fan on/off selection PID control, carrier frequency change, frequency jump.
89Protective FunctionOvercurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, extreme high/low temperature, CPU error, memory error, ground fault detection at startup, internal communication error, Electronic thermal, CT error
91Operating Temp#-10 ~ 50?C
92Storage Temp#-20 ~ 70?C
93Humidity25 ~ 90 % RH (no condensation)
94Vibration5.9 m/s? (0.6G), 10 ~ 55 Hz
95LocationLess than 1000 m of altitude or less
98Height5.0 inches (128 mm)
99Width2.7 inches (68 mm)
100Depth4.3 inches (109 mm)
102OptionsRemote operator unit, Copy unit, Cables for the units, Dynamic braking unit, Braking resistor, AC reactor, DC reactor, Noise filter

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